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In addition to the manufacture and supply of our serial products under its own brand name JC-Techno our company is interested in partnership under OEM and ODM cooperation.

OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer and implies production serial products by original manufacturer under the brand name of customer's company.

ODM means Original Design Manufacturer and implies production unique products by original manufacturer according to customer's requirements with the development of individual design and/or functionality of these products. The product also produced under the trademark of customer's company.

Advantages of these schemes of cooperation for us:

  1. In the process of implementation new products, we use our potential in the form of accumulated knowledges and experience, get additional developments and expanding our portfolio of successfully completed projects.
  2. Releasing additional products, we support the production resources of our company.
  3. We obtain additional funding on our current projects.

Advantages of OEM and ODM cooperation for our customers:

  1. The customer implements his ideas without involving additional industrial, financial and intellectual resources.
  2. The customer is not responsible for the production cycle of manufacture OEM- & ODM-product.
  3. The customer releases (or expands) the range of his own products that increases his credibility in front of his partners and customers.
  4. The customer chooses his own strategy of product promotion on the market.
  5. We, as manufacturers, take commitments about "protection" the product, which means its sale exclusively to the customer, non-disclosure of trade secrets about manufacturing the product on OEM- or ODM-terms.

If you have any ideas but you see certain difficulties in its implementation, if you are interested in our products but you would like to supply it under your brand, if you want to acquire reliable partners on the whole, please note our opportunities.

We have own unique developments, large experience in the design of pneumo-hydraulic systems, and production resources for realization various projects.

We are already working under OEM and ODM cooperation with companies in the field of metrological engineering and have strong partnerships, implementing comprehensive support of our clients and contributing to our overall development.

Requests relating to OEM and ODM cooperation you can address to

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