Our company is a manufacturer of compressor equipment used to supply compressed air for various pneumatic devices.

At this moment we made numerous tests of compressors and boosters JC-Techno and registered patents for inventions, which underlie our technical solutions. Our devices have been supplied to many laboratories of different companies, and we got a lot of positive feedback about it.

We have large experience in the field of compressor equipment, so we can confidently say, that our products have no analogues on the technical and economic parameters neither in Russia nor abroad!

In addition to our own devices we supply compressors of famous brands Jun-Air, MGF (as an inlet pressure sources for our boosters), as well as components for these systems.

Products and services:

JC-Techno compressors and
pressure boosters

Jun-Air, MGF compressors


Equipment manufacturing
on OEM and ODM contracts

pressure generator

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