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For getting commercial proposal for products JC-Techno fill out the questionnaire and send it by e-mail at

Questionnaire for products JC-Techno.pdf

You can also send the questionnaire through the website by filling in the following form:

1. Characteristics of compressor/pressure booster:

a. Application:

For use in calibration process with the pressure controller

Filling of gas cylinders with compressed air

b. Maximum outlet pressure, bar:
c. The presence of inlet pressure source (for boosters):

there is a compressor for inlet pressure

d. Required options:

pressure relief at the outlet (the valve on the front panel)

manual condensate drain (the valve on the front panel)

membrane air dryer (reduces the dew point at atm. pressure to -20°C)

pressure relief at the inlet(only for boosters)

automatic condensate drain

pressure reducing valve on the front panel

2. Company information:

3. The questionnaire filled out by:

After reviewing the submitted data we will send to your address the technical and commercial proposal.

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