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  1. General information

    The entire line of the compressors and pressure boosters JC-Techno designed in the unified style: the basic elements of the devices are mounted on a metal frame inside the steel case.

    Switching, control and maintenance units are placed on the front and on the service panels of the device.

    To operate the compressor you just have to connect it to the consumer. The pressure booster requires an additional connection to the power supply with compressed air.

  2. The appearance of the devices
  3. Marking (order code)

    The marking of the device provides information about its main characteristics and includes a list of additional options:

    Individual selection of options according to customer's specifications is possible.

  4. Technical specification

    The table bellow shows characteristics of the compressors and pressure booster JC-Techno (serial models).

    ModelMaximum outlet pressure, barAir flow at the outlet, Nl/minVersionTypeRequired inlet pressure, barNoise level, dBADimensions, mm (L×W×H)Net weight, kg
    JC-B-42-50-O4250oilpressure booster6,0-8,045520×380×60055
    JC-B-220-20-O NEW MODEL22055110
    JC-B-270-20-O NEW MODEL2701060120
    JC-С-220-20-O NEW MODEL22055130
    JC-С-270-20-O NEW MODEL2701060140
  5. The advantages of the compressors and boosters JC-Techno
    • high reliability;
    • oilless versions;
    • low noise level;
    • customization according to customer requirements;
    • special design for laboratory use;
    • wide range of pressures;
    • easy operating;
    • compact size;
    • competitive price.
  6. Price

    For pricing please contact the managers of our company.

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